Focus on commutators (roto),reliable due to specialty first-class quality, worthy of your trust


The company pursues lean production,strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system requirements control and implemetation of ISO/ts 16949:2002 quality management system.


The company set up a professional technical team,enhance the enterprise product research and development stregth,constantly improve the production process and process.


We infiltrate a full set of quality concepts through communication and exchange with customers to ensure that copper commutators are effectively controlled in each stage to meet the needs of customers


frst-class automaed production line,sophisticated manufacturing process,quality control personnel and techniacl peesonnel directly invovled in the production of armature commutators quality.

OUR company

Zhejiang Anrui Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional

China copper commutators manufacturers and armature commutators suppliers

, our factory located in Yuyao city, Zhejiang province. We have over 100 employees and have a complete product line with more than 200 kinds of production models, making us to be one of the most potential manufacturers of commutators in China.
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Focus on copper commutators (roto),reliable due to specialty First class quality, worthy of your trust

How to clean the armature commutator

Use a toothbrush and contact cleaner to clean the commutator. Spray the contact cleaner on the commutator, and then stir...

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How the commutator on the machine works

The basic purpose of commutation is to ensure that the torque acting on the armature is always in the same direction. Th...

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How to adjust the speed of the gear comm...

Gear commutator is a commonly used mechanism in gear machinery, which enables the motor to drive the input shaft to cont...

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The role of DC motor commutator

Generally speaking, DC motors have commutators. The commutator is an important part of the DC motor. Its function is to ...

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Commutator use

The actual DC motor has multiple coils, and each coil is connected to a pair of commutator segments. Some motors do not ...

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Commutator made of phosphor bronze

Usually factories use DC motors for daily energy supply, and DC motors generate energy through the interaction between t...

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