From which aspects can customers choose the supplier of motor commutator

Update:08 Oct 2022

Today's economic environment is full of competition and uncertainty. The needs of customers are always changing, and companies are demanding faster and faster market response. Correspondingly, manufacturers' product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter. In order to meet the variability of this demand, many companies have adopted innovative strategies such as agile manufacturing and lean production to achieve flexibility in production. However, it is not enough to rely solely on the ability of manufacturers to strengthen the flexibility of the supply chain. The activities of upstream enterprises in the supply chain play a crucial role in determining the flexibility of the supply chain.

The commutation equipment is called "the heart of the motor". In view of the key position of the commutation equipment in the motor structure, the commutation equipment industry has its own unique operating characteristics. In the process of selecting suppliers of motor commutators, customers set strict screening conditions for potential suppliers in terms of production scale, product quality, synchronous technology research and development, and follow-up support services.

From the perspective of customers, the company has established stable business relationships with major customers in the fields of power tools, automobile motors and household appliances. The company has won high recognition from customers through its stable business strategy, high-quality product quality and good after-sales service. .

From the product point of view, diversified products are the cornerstone of the diversification of production and operation. There are various types of power tools, household appliances, and automotive motor commutation equipment with different specifications. Whether it can provide products with multiple products and specifications has become an important factor for manufacturers of electric tools, household appliances and automobile motors, especially when well-known manufacturers choose suppliers.

The rich product variety not only meets the needs of customers for centralized procurement, reduces the cost of market development, but also improves the research and development level of product technology to a certain extent, and reduces the market operation risk brought by a single product.

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