Other factors that commutator manufacturers need to consider when designing commutators

Update:19 Sep 2022

The realization of electronic product structure design requires comprehensive consideration of many factors. As long as electronic designers accurately grasp the influencing factors of electronic product structure design, the expected efficacy of electronic products can be realized, and electronic products can be more in line with people's needs and meet people's growing use needs. Make electronic enterprises in an invincible position in the fierce market competition and achieve great development. In the structural design of electronic products, the functions of electronic products should be fully considered, and factors such as electronic product production and maintenance, product design parts materials, product efficacy realization, product user use, product service life, and product economic benefits should be comprehensively considered.
When designing the commutator equipment, in addition to considering the materials and operation of the product itself, the commutator manufacturer also needs to consider the number of petals of the commutator equipment, the spacing between the copper sheets of the commutator equipment, and so on.
The number of lobes of the commutator is determined according to the rated voltage, the number of pole pairs, and the average voltage between the commutators that will not produce ring fire and excessive sparking.
The spacing distance between copper sheets.
The size of the distance between the copper sheets is mainly determined according to the insulation requirements between the copper sheets. For commutation equipment, it is generally required that the high-voltage leakage current between the chips is not greater than 500A when the voltage between the chips is 600 VAC. For low voltage motors, reduce the voltage requirement to 250 VAC.
a) Impact strength: The highest value is when the fibrous filler is 70%. If the filler is increased, the strength will decrease.
b) Bending strength: when the fibrous filler is 50-70%, the maximum is the largest, and the larger or the smaller will reduce the bending strength.
c) The compressive strength of the commutator: the maximum compressive strength is when the filler content is 40-60%.

d) Water absorption: slightly increased with the increase of filler content.

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