Wear relationship between motor commutator and motor rotor

Update:05 Sep 2022

Motor parts refer to the parts that assemble the motor in the motor manufacturer as the original parts of the motor, and the parts that are replaced due to improper use or wear and tear are called motor parts. Generally, the life of accessories is not as long as the life of the original. Motor accessories can be divided into five parts, namely electrical conduction, electromagnetic, heat dissipation, structural support, and bearings and bushings.
The reversing device is a kind of motor accessories, and the reversing device will be subject to a certain degree of wear during use. The motor rotor is a rotating part in the motor. The motor consists of a rotor and a stator. It is used to realize the conversion device between electrical energy and mechanical energy and mechanical energy and electrical energy. The motor rotor is divided into a motor rotor and a generator rotor. The following describes the wear relationship between the motor commutator and the motor rotor.
There is carbon powder between the motor rotor and the commutation equipment or the carbon brush itself is not good. Based on the repair principle of easy first and then difficult, first measure the adjustable resistance, and the resistance value changes regularly with adjustment, which proves that the potentiometer is good. When measuring the thyristor again, no problem was found. When measuring the four rectifier diodes, it was found that one of them was good and sometimes bad. Because the diode is a high-current gold sealed tube, one end of the capillary centrifuge is fastened to the circuit board, and the other end is fastened to the circuit board. When it was soldered to the circuit board and removed from the circuit board, it was found that the positive and negative poles were loose.

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