What is the purpose of the commutator in a DC motor

Update:11 Oct 2022

Anyone who has dismantled a DC motor knows that there is a motor commutator in each DC motor, so what is the purpose of the commutation device in the DC motor?
According to the written explanation, it is to convert the DC current passing through the brush to the alternating current in the winding or to convert the alternating electromotive force in the winding to the DC electromotive force on the brush end.
The usual saying is: if a DC motor is not installed with a commutator, it cannot be commutated, so the current always flows through a winding, and the winding will not turn after it reaches the zero-crossing position (that is, the position of the magnetic field). Can't turn at all and won't twist. At this time, the power is always on, and the rotor will be burned due to the small resistance. Each set of windings of the commutator has at least one pair of contact pieces. If it is a multi-winding motor, it is also possible that multiple windings share one contact piece. Due to the continuous movement of the rotor, the carbon brush does not move, so when a certain group of coils of the rotor and the carbon brush are connected to form a loop, due to the presence of a magnetic field around the energized conductor, it will rotate. After rotation, this group will be powered off and the next The group will be powered up so that it can continue to operate continuously.

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