What is the other name of the motor commutator

Update:20 Mar 2020
Maybe you don't know that there are other names for the motor commutator, today I will talk about it. In fact, this name is what we often say, but it is not as common as it is, which is what we commonly call commutator. It is a component of a DC permanent magnet series motor in order to allow the motor to continue to rotate.
In structure, the commutator is formed by several contact pieces in a circular shape, which are respectively connected to each contact on the rotor. The two electrodes connected on the outer side are called brushes to contact with, and only two of them are contacted at the same time.
The principle is that after the coil passes the current, it will rotate under the action of the permanent magnet through the attraction and repulsion force. When it turns to balance with the magnet, the original electric wire is more compatible with the contact piece on the commutator. The brushes are separated, and the brushes are connected to the contacts corresponding to the set of coils that generate the driving force. In this way, the DC motor is rotated.
The function of the motor commutator is still very obvious. If it is not there, the motor can only be locked within half a turn and can only be used as an electric brake. The device uses the centrifugal force generated when the motor rotates as power to control the size of the starting resistance, so as to reduce the starting current of the motor and increase the starting torque, so that the wire-wound asynchronous electric idea can achieve a brushless automatic control operation.
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