Reasonable use of commutator is the last word

Update:28 Mar 2020
The commutator segments in the commutator are actually not numbered, but for the needs of the bias wiring, and for the convenience of recording at any time, we will add numbers for the commutator segments in four cases.
1.Number of the commutator when facing the right winding
2.Number of the commutator when biased to the right winding
3.Number of the commutator when facing the left winding
4.Number of the commutator when biased to the right winding
Remember to use the commutator:
1) Never wear gloves.
2) Before work, you must check whether the equipment and dust collection device are intact.
3) When the commutator is loaded on the car, it must be rolled firmly and the hand must not approach the slotted part.
4) The commutators should be stacked neatly and smoothly, and should not be too high.
5) Clean the vacuuming device frequently to ensure that the vacuuming is effective. That is, the rotor rotates, the carbon brush does not move, then each pair of contact pieces is different, and then maintains him to continue to rotate, when one group of windings is energized in the forward direction, and the other group can be energized in the opposite direction to obtain a higher Efficiency and power output.
Each group of windings has at least one pair of contact pieces. If it is a multi-winding motor, multiple windings may share one contact piece. There are contact pieces and windings connected, and then there are carbon brushes on top.
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