How to choose the grease viscosity of the commutator

Update:14 Mar 2020
Viscosity is a key physical and chemical index. If the viscosity of the engine oil is properly selected, it will reduce the internal friction of the grease, which will cause damage to the surface layer of the commutator drive gear and reduce the noise and vibration of the drive system. More appropriate?
The grease viscosity of the commutator is mainly maintained according to the base oil and viscosity coefficient improver. Among them, the viscosity of the base oil is related to the molecular formula and content, the average content is large, and the viscosity of the refined oil is greater.
A good tackifier should have high tackifying work ability, good cutting reliability, excellent ultra-low temperature characteristics and thermal oxidation stability.
For greases of other viscosity types, if non-special base oils and poor viscosity fingers are used, although they can be formulated to exceed a certain viscosity specification, the properties such as viscosity temperature and cutting reliability are not good. No need for application cycle time.
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