What is the conduction function of the commutator motor

Update:29 Apr 2020

With the development of China's economic level, China's machinery industry is gradually approaching maturity. Now many fields and industries use a part called a commutator. The commutator is used on the motor when the motor rotates. There are many types of commutators on the market, including mechanical commutators, semi-plastic commutators, and all-plastic commutators. The role of the commutator is also very large, and it is widely used in various motors. Above, but there are certainly some people who do not understand the commutator, then let the motor commutator manufacturer introduce the conduction function of the commutator motor for you.
The motor with commutator, because the brush (carbon brush) not only plays the role of conducting current, but also plays the role of commutation, so its monitoring workload is much greater. Often and carefully observe the state and characteristics of the commutation spark The length is very important. If it is not installed, then it cannot be commutated, then the current always flows through a winding, and the winding will not rotate after reaching the zero-crossing position (that is, the position of the magnetic field). Can not be screwed. At this time, it has been energized, because the resistance is very small, it will burn the rotor. In addition to the longitudinal current transmission, the motor commutator also has the task of current commutation in the short-circuit armature coil.
Nowadays, when we use the motor, there will be a serious waste of electrical energy. The use of the motor is still relatively complicated. Therefore, we have to make some requirements on the quality of the motor. The motor commutator is a device installed on the motor. This kind of equipment is more advanced and can regulate the motor, so it is very helpful for our work and production, and also improves our production efficiency and reduces production costs. The following editors will introduce you Skill characteristics of motor commutator.
1. In the replacement of AC and DC, the use of motor commutators is more and more. In production, we will control the current switch to promote the control of the contact point of the contactor. The motor converter is in these control The next time it will become more peaceful, it is also very helpful for production. Under such usage, the motor converter will have a longer service life and save a lot of costs.
Second, the motor commutator can work normally at a relatively high temperature. In the case of a relatively high temperature, our production can still be carried out, and the choice of the environment is relatively small.
3. The motor commutator has an oil film to lubricate between the machines, and the wear between the machines is relatively small.

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