The composition of the motor commutator and its effect on the motor

Update:08 May 2020

In recent years, the industrial industry has developed rapidly, and their development is inseparable from the use of mechanical equipment. The motor is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in our industrial industry. The commutator is an important part of the DC motor. Everyone should know the motor, but not many people know the commutator. When we use the motor commutator, we first need to understand its composition so that we can apply it well. The editor compiled a few knowledge points for the motor commutator for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone, and I hope you can learn more about the motor commutator.
1. Each group of windings of the component part has at least one pair of contact pieces. If it is a multi-winding motor, it may be possible for multiple windings to share a contact piece. The contact piece and the winding are connected, and then there is a carbon brush on the top.
2. The carbon brush does not move due to the continuous movement of the rotor, so that when a group of coils of the rotor is now connected to the carbon brush to form a loop, because there is a magnetic field around the energized conductor, then he will turn, and this group will be powered off Then the next group will be powered up, so that it can continue to run.
3. If it is not installed, there is no commutation, then the current always flows through a winding, and the winding will not turn after reaching the zero-crossing position. It cannot be turned at all and cannot be screwed. At this time, the power is always on, and the rotor will be burned due to the small resistance.
4. The rotor rotates, the carbon brush does not move, and then the pair of contact pieces that contact each time are different, and then maintain him to continue to rotate. At the same time, one group of windings is forwardly energized while the other group can be energized in the reverse direction Efficiency and power output.
Everyone should understand the use of the motor in practice. The role of the motor is very important and it is widely used, especially for many mechanical equipment. The commutator is one of the components of the motor. In the process of understanding the motor, did you understand the commutator? Do you know the role of the commutator on the motor? If you do n’t understand the motor in detail, you must not Concerned about the commutator of the motor, let's introduce the role of the commutator to the motor.
The commutator is one of the more important and complicated parts of the DC motor and the AC commutator motor. It is also one of the components with complicated and strict requirements in the process of motor manufacturing. Therefore, the rational selection of the structure, materials and scientific design of the commutator and strict execution process are of great significance for ensuring the quality and operation of the motor. In the operation of the motor, the commutator must withstand the combined effects of voltage, centrifugal force and thermal stress. But it is not allowed to have slight deformation, and must have high wear resistance, arc resistance, heat resistance and reliable insulation performance. Since the commutator is composed of many commutator pieces, mica pieces and metal (or pressed plastic) fasteners, the design of the commutator and the processing accuracy of various parts are high, and the electrical materials used The performance and physical properties must comply with the regulations, and the process of manufacturing the commutator and the process parameters used must also be reasonable. There are two common types of commutator, wedge commutator and arch commutator. Because the commutator of the arched commutator is only subjected to a force, there is a gap at the outer joint between the pressure ring and the commutator, which is easy to manufacture and has a reliable structure. It is a widely used commutator.

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