Introduction to the fault maintenance and function of motor commutator

Update:25 Apr 2020

The motor is a traction device that needs to be used in many industrial equipment and vehicles, and it is a core component. The motor commutator is a kind of zero device that is very commonly used in the automotive industry. It can achieve the purpose of commuting the vehicle. However, in actual use, many faults will occur in the motor commutator, and some faults can be avoided, which requires timely maintenance work during use.
Mechanical failure is a main form of failure of the motor commutator. The main cause of the mechanical failure of the motor commutator is nothing more than that the internal parts of the motor are more or less malfunctioning due to wear, or that the motor commutator is partially oily, Impurities, etc. affect the operation of the machine. Of course, another form of failure is electromagnetic failure, which is mainly caused by the current density of the motor commutator causing damage to this part of the motor commutator, resulting in high voltage and high heat loss and some key components.
In the process of daily maintenance, we must carefully check and clean the motor commutator. For some of the more critical parts inside the motor commutator, especially those with relatively large losses, it is necessary to replace them in time if there is a problem. It does not cost much to buy a new part for replacement, but often does not replace it, resulting in motor commutation If the device malfunctions and causes more serious failures, it is more than worth the loss. In addition, the motor commutator must be cleaned and cleaned frequently, and some hard-to-clean oil stains should be cleaned with alcohol or soap to ensure the normal operation of the motor commutator.
When it comes to motor commutator, everyone should be familiar with it. Motor commutator, as an important component of electromechanical equipment, is a common electromechanical device. The use of motor commutator is very common. But there are still many people who do not know what role the motor commutator plays? And as a reliable motor commutator manufacturer, the quality of the motor commutator is good and the performance on the job is also very stable. Now we will share with you How to use the motor commutator, if you want to buy a motor commutator, it is still important to understand some of them.
The motor commutator is a part of the DC permanent magnet series motor in order to allow the motor to continue to rotate. Structurally, the motor commutator is composed of several contact pieces in a circle, which are connected to each contact on the rotor. The two electrodes connected outside are called brushes, and only two of them are in contact. The principle of the motor commutator is that when the coil passes the current, it will be rotated by attraction and repulsion under the action of the magnet. When it turns to balance with the magnet, the originally energized line is more corresponding to the motor commutator The contact piece is separated from the brush, and the brush is connected to the contact piece corresponding to the set of coils that generate the driving force. In this way, the DC motor rotates. In addition to transmitting longitudinal current, the motor commutator also has the task of current commutation in the short-circuit armature coil. These currents are the reverse current and reactance voltage generated when the main current motor commutator, causing the brush to cause edge sparks and arcs when sliding on the surface of the motor commutator.

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