What is a flat commutator

Update:16 Dec 2020

The flat commutator uses an electronic commutator for the wet spring. Regardless of the commutator type, the indirect fire extinguishing circuit must be in the contact. The motor uses a plane commutator, and the motor uses a commutator. The motor commutator maintains contact and reduces interference to the measurement track. The utility model has the advantages of high speed performance and long service life. The large end of the cone is the working surface, which is conical.

The working surface is covered by the top surface of the commutator segments distributed in the circumferential direction, and the outer side of the commutator segment is provided with a wire groove, wherein the bottom end surface of the commutator segment is provided with a groove, and the groove side of the outer groove is: The angle between the bottoms is an acute angle, the angle between the inner side of the groove and the bottom of the groove is a right angle, and the inner side of the commutator piece is provided. With dovetail groove. Mainly have hook type, groove type, flat type and other specifications. It is made of imported raw materials and its functions have reached the international level. It is widely used in power tools, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles and other fields. There are various specifications and models of slip ring, carbon brush holder and junction box.

Its function is to alternate the direction of current in the armature winding to ensure that the direction of electromagnetic torque is always constant. Used in automobile generators, gasoline generators and other fields. The commutator is used for rectification. The commutator can change the AC potential in the assembly to the DC potential between the brushes. In an electric motor, it can convert the applied direct current into alternating current in the components in the generator. Torque in a constant direction appears. An important component of the armature of a DC motor and an AC commutator motor, a component used to make the motor continue to rotate.

The motor rotates when it rotates. DC motors and AC series motors are rectified as current. Commonly known as commutator. Then, the square wave signal measured by the measuring electrode is turned into a device for pulsed direct current. The direct current is converted into a low-frequency square wave to provide power electrodes. The inductive interference caused in the measurement circuit will reduce the changes in the front and rear edges of the low-frequency square wave. A mechanical commutator is used in the multi-line tool. The adjustable frequency is 823Hz, and the measuring circuit commutator is switched on earlier than the power line commutator.

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