Classification of electric induction and AC motor parts

Update:08 Dec 2020

The classification of motor accessories can be roughly classified according to the components of the induction and AC motor, which can be roughly divided into motor stators, motor rotors, stator windings, motor housings, end covers, motor blades, bearings and other components.

1. Motor stator

The motor stator is an important part of motors such as generators and starters. The stator is an important part of the motor. The stator is composed of three parts: a stator core, a stator winding and a base. The main function of the stator is to generate a rotating magnetic field, and the main function of the rotor is to be cut by the lines of magnetic force in the rotating magnetic field to generate (output) current.

2. Motor rotor

Motor rotor: It is also a rotating part in the motor. The motor is composed of a rotor and a stator. It is used to realize the conversion device between electrical energy and mechanical energy and mechanical energy and electrical energy. The motor rotor is divided into motor rotor and generator rotor.

3. Stator winding

Stator windings can be divided into two types, centralized and distributed, according to different coil winding shapes and coil inserting methods. The winding and inserting of the centralized winding is relatively simple, but the efficiency is low and the running performance is poor. Most of the current AC motor stators use distributed windings. According to different models, models and the process conditions of the coil embedding, the motors are designed with different winding types and specifications, so the technical parameters of the windings are also different.

4. Motor housing

Motor housing generally refers to the external housing of all electrical and electrical equipment. The motor shell is a protection device for the motor, and it is made of silicon steel sheet and other materials by stamping and drawing processes. In addition, the surface anti-rust and plastic spraying process can well protect the internal equipment of the motor.

Main functions: dustproof, noise-proof and waterproof.

According to material: metal shell, plastic shell and so on.

According to application: generator shell, starter shell, motor shell for other digital products

5. Motor end cover

The end cover is a back cover installed behind the motor casing, commonly known as "end cover". It is mainly composed of cover, bearing and electric brush. The quality of the end cover directly affects the quality of the motor.

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