What are the material characteristics of the commutator

Update:15 Apr 2020
The commutator is needed in many machines and equipment. The main function of the commutator is to ensure the normal operation of the machine. The rapid development of China's economy is inseparable from the development of national industries, and the rise of industries also depends on the power of machines. From this perspective, the use of commutators directly affects the development of the national economy. As a part of the machine, the commutator must have no knowledge of its knowledge. In order to popularize the knowledge of the commutator and make more people realize the role of the commutator, the next editor will introduce the material characteristics of the commutator. Readers who are interested in this topic are welcome to take a look at the following articles with the editor.
1. Housing: Cast with high-rigidity FC-25 cast iron.
2. Gears: Made of high-quality and high-purity alloy steel 50CrMnT quenched and tempered, carburized and quenched and ground.
3. Spindle: Made of high-quality and high-purity alloy steel 40Cr quenched and tempered, with high hanging load capacity.
4. Bearing: equipped with heavy-duty roller cone shaft.
5. Oil seal: Imported double-lip oil seal is used, which has a very high dust and oil leakage resistance.
The commutator is composed of the casing, gears, main shaft, bearings and oil seal. It can be said that the quality of several parts directly affects the quality of the oil seal, and a good commutator can guarantee the service life of the machine. Long. Our company has various types of commutators, specifically DC motor commutator, electric car commutator, forklift motor commutator, etc., readers who need purchase quota can directly call the hotline to contact. Our company adheres to honesty, not only the quality of the product can withstand inspection, but also the after-sales guarantee of the product is very complete.
Introduction to the role of motor commutator
When it comes to motor commutator, everyone should be familiar with it. Motor commutator, as an important component of electromechanical equipment, is a common electromechanical device. The use of motor commutator is very common. But there are still many people who do not know what role the motor commutator plays? And as a reliable motor commutator manufacturer, the quality of the motor commutator is good and the performance on the job is also very stable. Now we will share with you How to use the motor commutator, if you want to buy a motor commutator, it is still important to understand some of them.
The motor commutator is a part of the DC permanent magnet series motor in order to allow the motor to continue to rotate. Structurally, the motor commutator is composed of several contact pieces in a circle, which are connected to each contact on the rotor. The two electrodes connected outside are called brushes, and only two of them are in contact. The principle of the motor commutator is that when the coil passes the current, it will be rotated by attraction and repulsion under the action of the magnet. When it turns to balance with the magnet, the originally energized line is more corresponding to the motor commutator The contact piece is separated from the brush, and the brush is connected to the contact piece corresponding to the set of coils that generate the driving force. In this way, the DC motor rotates. In addition to transmitting longitudinal current, the motor commutator also has the task of current commutation in the short-circuit armature coil. These currents are the reverse current and reactance voltage generated when the main current motor commutator, causing the brush to cause edge sparks and arcs when sliding on the surface of the motor commutator.
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