How to carry out maintenance on the commutator collector ring and its electrical equipment

Update:09 Apr 2020
During the inspection, the collector ring should be inspected carefully: whether the surface of the collector ring is smooth, whether there are burn marks, vertical marks, etc .; the outer layer of the collector ring insulation layer should be properly bound and coated well. The cooperation between the collector ring and the shaft and the coordination between each ring and the insulating sleeve should be strong. Use a hammer to strike the mutual cooperation between the copper ring and the copper. There must be a sound of metal material. The insulating tube of the slip ring has no cracks and no looseness in detail. The connection of the lead wire should be firm, and the grounding resistance value should not be less than 0.5MΩ at the operating temperature of 75 ℃.
At the level of the carbon brush device of the commutator, the distance between the lower edge of the brush box and the surface of the collector ring is 2 ~ 4mm. If the distance is too long, the carbon brush will tremble in the brush box. If it is a hard carbon brush, it will break. . The charcoal brush should be dragged in the brush box, the surface of the hole in the brush box is smooth, the standard tolerance of the diameter in the brush box is H10, and the radial standard tolerance is H8. Standard tolerance of total width and thickness of carbon brush 11. The gap between the carbon brush and the wall of the brush box should be 0.1 ~ 0.2mm. The gap is too large. The carbon brush causes tangential sway in the brush box, which affects all normal work of the collector ring. The gap is too small, so that the electricity is in the brush box. The surface of the electro-optical copper ring that causes similar arc welding should be inseparable from the contact between the carbon brush and the ring.
The pressure difference between the brushes must not exceed its average value of 20. The wound motor rotor asynchronous motor with brush lifting equipment, the electric shock accident of the short-circuit fault ring and the cutter head on the collector ring are touched in a symmetrical manner. Left and right to prevent the loss of ductility caused by the single-phase electrical operation of the motor rotor or the overtemperature of the circuit breaker. For light burn marks, black spots, brush marks, etc. on the collector ring surface, it can be polished with oil stones and fine files, and smoothed with zero-zero sandpaper.
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