What are the main technical gaps of general commutators in my country

Update:08 Apr 2022

Bearing capacity, modular design, noise reduction measures and technical condition standards are the main technical gaps of general commutators in my country.
1. Carrying capacity: The rated power of ABJ19004-88 and TB/T050-3 commutation equipment, which are still playing the leading role in my country, are only comparable to the sample values ​​of foreign countries in 1995 and 1995, and the gap is getting bigger and bigger. Except for other companies, the carrying capacity of product samples of famous foreign companies is roughly on the same level. The main reason for the continuous improvement of the carrying capacity is the maturity of the technology and the improvement and stability of the quality control level.
2. Modular design: When the number of gear coupling external gear bushings is increased from 1 device to 20, the change in manufacturing cost is: the cost of small parts (weight 0.75kg, Φ500mm) is reduced by nearly 90%, and the cost of medium parts is reduced by nearly 90%. (Weight 20kg, Φ200mm) The cost is reduced by nearly 50%.
3. Noise reduction measures: Many foreign companies use high-precision grinding of bevel gears (before the 1980s, bevel gears were generally not ground after carburizing and quenching, but only for grinding and running-in), and through gear modification, the degree of coincidence was increased. , improve the sound-absorbing design of the box structure and other measures to reduce noise.
4. ISO began to formulate technical condition standards for reversing equipment. The formulation of the ISO9 standard will further standardize the behavior of the reversing equipment industry and promote the development of reducer technology.

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