What are the effects of the commutator

Update:03 Aug 2022

At present, the conduction between the rotating part and the static part of the product may be a very important accessory. It has a good sliding touch effect, and also has special requirements compared with resistivity and contact resistance. Generally, graphite may be an important raw material. The effect of the commutator still switches the current between the two devices that should move.
In addition, the effect of the commutator also includes the movement in the hydraulic system due to the sudden change or stop of the fluid movement direction, such as: rapid reversal, the rapid stop of the hydraulic cylinder or motor or the change of the movement speed, so that the fluid flow speed changes rapidly. , due to the inertia of the liquid, the pressure in the system suddenly rises at a certain moment, forming a peak pressure.
The most common is the commutator of the motor. The contour of the commutator is different. Most of the commutators used on the motor are rectangular and placed on the brush holder. There is a certain pressure between the commutator and the commutator or the slip ring. The structure of the large commutator is very complicated, and the low-end commutator is very simple and cheap. The current output of the commutator is also different. There are conductive devices on several large commutators, and the low-end is often drawn out by elastic conductive sheets.
The material of the commutator is mostly made of graphite, the purpose is to increase the conductivity, and it is made of copper-containing graphite. The graphite has high-quality conductivity, soft texture and wear resistance. After the commutator is installed in the brush holder, it is advisable that the commutator can freely move left and right. Only in this way can it be determined that the commutator will wear continuously under the pressure of the spring, and the second and the commutator or the collector ring will be fixed. Maintain long-lasting close contact. Therefore, a certain gap must be left between the multiple sides of the commutator and the inner wall of the brush holder. It has been proved for so long that this gap is usually between 0.2 and 0.3 mm.

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