Contact pieces and commutation pieces involved in the components of the motor commutator

Update:28 Jul 2022

Contact sheet: The contact sheet is a constituent part of the commutation equipment. The contact sheet is not a special copper sheet, but the protruding contact on the copper sheet. The requirements are relatively high; many are sterling silver, silver alloys or platinum and other expensive materials. Generally, those with high conductivity, heat resistance and oxidation resistance (chemical properties are relatively stable) are selected. When operating in the commutator, disconnect the AC adapter, use only the battery for power supply, and observe carefully, even if the computer indicator light flashes, it proves that the contact is good.
Commutator: It is a part of the motor commutator, and it is the trapezoidal copper bar above the commutator. The number of the commutator segment can be divided into 4 cases: 1. The number of the commutator segment when facing the right-row winding; 2. The number of the commutator segment when it is offset to the right-row winding; 3. The commutator segment when facing the left-row winding 4. The number of the commutator segment when the winding is offset to the right.
Mica flakes: Mica flakes are composed of muscovite, quartz, garnet and rutile, among which albite, zoisite and hard chlorite can appear. Garnet is rich in Fe and Mg, and Si in muscovite can appear. It reaches 3.369, which is also a high pressure combination. It has the function of insulation and low-loss thermal resistance, and it is still a very good black body. It can be widely used in high-temperature insulation of electric heating elements such as electronic tubes, ferrochromium, capacitors, audio, electrical appliances, metallurgy, etc.

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