The important role of commutator and commutator in automobile motor

Update:17 May 2022

Motors are necessary parts of automobiles, and are used in starters, generators, fuel pumps, ABS systems, cooling and cooling systems, window swinging and other components. The commutator is an important component of automobile motors and is used in automobiles. widely. In modern automobiles, especially high-end cars, a large number of new machinery and new equipment are widely used, which greatly promotes the application of electric motors, and accordingly stimulates the demand for commutators.
In an automobile motor, the function of the commutator is to rectify the variable potential generated in the armature winding into a DC potential between the brushes in the generator state; invert the input DC current into the armature winding in the motor state in the alternating current to generate unidirectional electromagnetic torque.
The structure of the commutator segment and the insulating segment determines the internal structure of the insulating sleeve. The number of commutator segments and insulating segments is large and the local features are small, which makes the structure of the insulating sleeve complex, and the mesh size of the entire commutator is small during pretreatment. , the number is too large, and the calculation is difficult. According to the cyclic symmetry of the commutator structure, using the smallest cyclic symmetric element for numerical simulation can save a lot of manpower and computing time while ensuring the accuracy of the automobile motor. The stress distribution of the structure.

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