Motor commutator commutation control and subdivision commutation

Update:27 May 2022

The subdivision control is realized by commutating the phase current of the motor. Taking the motor commutation device as an example, if the rated phase current of the motor is 3A, if the conventional commutation (such as the commonly used constant current chopping method) is used, the motor , every step of the motor operation, the current in the winding will change from 0 to 3A or from 3A to 0. The huge change of phase current will inevitably cause vibration and noise of motor operation.
If subdivided commutation is used, and the motor is commutated in the state of 10 subdivisions, the current in the winding changes only 0.3A instead of 3A for each microstep of the motor, and the current changes in a sinusoidal law, so that The vibration and noise of the motor commutator are greatly improved. Therefore, the advantage in performance is the real advantage of subdivision.
Since the subdivision commutation needs to control the phase current of the motor, the stepper motor commutator must have very high technical requirements and process requirements, and the cost will also be high, namely:
1. "Smoothing" does not control the phase current of the motor, but only slows down the rate of change of the current, so "smoothing" does not generate microsteps, and the subdivided microsteps can be used for positioning.
2. After the phase current of the motor is smoothed, it will cause a decrease in the motor torque, and the subdivision control will not cause a decrease in the motor torque, on the contrary, the torque will increase.

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