Commutator material copper material

Update:09 May 2022

In order to ensure the high quality and sufficient strength of the commutator, the copper material used in the commutator must have a certain hardness range, the general value is HB80-HB120, preferably in the middle section HB95-HB105, the standard material should be Electrolytic copper and a certain content of silver, this ensures that the commutator has sufficient hardness even at extreme temperatures.
Silver on the copper surface: Because silver has good electrical conductivity, we often plate or insert silver on the copper surface of the commutator to improve the performance of the commutator. This method can reduce the commutator and carbon brushes. Contact sparks, extending the life of the commutator. However, due to the high price of silver and the complicated process of inserting silver copper sheets, the cost of this type of commutator is higher than that of ordinary copper sheet commutators, and it is generally not necessary to use it.
Materials for making commutators: The quality and pressing process of commutators are largely determined by the characteristics of the materials. Therefore, the selection of materials is very important in the manufacture of commutators. When selecting materials, the following must be paid attention to A few points: a) Good mechanical properties; b) Appropriate electrical insulation properties; c) High heat resistance, no deformation or brittleness at operating temperature; d) The thermal expansion coefficient is similar to that of copper, In order to avoid the loosening or deformation of the commutator segment during repeated hot and cold changes; e) it has good fluidity and good molding.

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