Application rule of commutator in liquid flow standard device

Update:03 Apr 2020

With the increasing shortage of energy, people pay more and more attention to saving energy, thus attaching importance to the measurement of energy, of which the measurement of thermal energy has been greatly developed. The accuracy test of the heat meter is carried out on the standard device of the heat meter. It is basically the same structure and working principle as the general liquid flow standard device, the difference is that the medium it uses needs to be measured at different temperatures, such as 50 ℃, ℃. In general, the commutator of the liquid 85 flow standard device is open, and the commutator on the hot water device is closed. The reason is that if an open commutator is used, the water will easily evaporate when the water temperature is high. This causes inaccurate measurement. In addition, from the viewpoint of personal safety, the open commutator is easy to splash liquid. When the water temperature is high, it may burn people. The two are very different in structure.
1. The application of a closed commutator for a standard device system of thermal energy meters. The standard device of the thermal energy meter adopts a closed commutator, which is composed of a temperature control water tank, a water pump, a test pipeline, a flow meter, a commutator, a weighing device, a control device, and a heating system.
2. Application of open commutator The general liquid flow standard device uses an open commutator. The open commutator is composed of a water inlet pipe, a nozzle, a deflector, a rotating shaft, a baffle, etc. The closed commutator and the open The working principle of the commutator is to use mechanical components to change the direction of liquid flow, but because of their different structures, they are used in different devices.

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