Motor commutator piece short circuit repair

Update:18 Apr 2022

The so-called short circuit of the commutation equipment means that there is a short-circuit connection between two adjacent commutators on the commutation equipment, and the commutator is short-circuited. It will cause large sparks on the surface of the commutation equipment; when the short circuit is serious, ring fire will occur on the surface of the motor commutator. When this happens, you can repair it according to the following steps.
①Cleaning with slot cleaning sheet: When the armature winding is burnt due to short-circuit fault, the fault point can be found by observation method. In order to determine whether the short-circuit fault occurs inside the winding or between the commutator segments, the winding wire head connected to the commutator segments should be disconnected, and then use the check light to check whether there is a short circuit between the commutator segments, if found on the surface of the commutator segments Short circuit, or spark burn scars, usually use a cleaning chip to scrape off short-circuited metal chips, brush powder, corrosive substances, etc., until there is no short-circuit with a calibration lamp. And use mica powder and shellac or mica powder, epoxy resin and polyamide resin (650) to mix into a paste, then fill in the grooves and let it harden and dry.
②Clean the V-groove and V-ring of the commutator group: If the inter-chip short circuit cannot be eliminated after careful removal of external inter-chip debris. At this time, the reversing equipment must be disassembled, and the V-shaped grooves and V-rings of the commutating plate group must be carefully cleaned. Before disassembling the reversing equipment, wrap a layer of elastic paper with a thickness of 0.5 to 1 mm on the outer circumference of the reversing equipment as a liner insulation, and mark the fault location, then put the stacking die on it, and then Disassemble the reversing device. Further check the faults between the commutator segments, the surface of the V-groove and the V-ring, and deal with them according to different faults.
③ Replacement of mica sheets between sheets If the short circuit between sheets cannot be eliminated by the above method, only the mica sheets can be replaced.

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