Application advantages of bevel gears in motor commutators

Update:25 Apr 2022

Bevel gears are gears with the number of teeth Z1 = 13 to 30, often ≥ 16. The product itself needs to consider the number of teeth, module, pressure angle, tooth tip height, tooth root height, face taper angle (top taper angle), split taper angle (pitch taper angle), root taper angle, and back taper distance when selecting models. , wheel crown distance, installation distance, fixed chord tooth thickness, fixed chord tooth height, displacement coefficient, backlash, and other parameters.
Product selection from the above perspectives can not only ensure the quality of the product itself, but also apply it to the motor commutator, which can also provide it with the following advantages:
1. Long service life and large ratio of input power to the weight of the commutation equipment. Smooth operation, low noise and high transmission efficiency (up to 95% to 98%).
2. The bending strength of the spiral bevel gear is higher than that of the straight tooth, and it can also be used for high-speed transmission. According to the bearing capacity requirements of the reversing equipment, there are 8 types of reversing equipment to choose from.
3. The box body is a cube, and the installation thread blind holes are processed in the six sides of the box body, which makes the installation of the reversing equipment flexible and convenient.
4. The installation dimensions of the six mounting surfaces of the box are unified. The nominal transmission ratio of the spiral bevel gear reversing equipment is 1, 1, 5, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Special design is required for large transmission ratios. . When the speed ratio is 1:1, the large-end indexing circle diameter of the spiral bevel gear is specified, and it can transmit large power (special design) within the range of the speed ratio of 2:1, and the shaft is supported by two tapered rollers. The sub-bearings, if the operating conditions are good and have good tooth contact spots, and are properly maintained, can realize forward and reverse operation.

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