Introduction of motor knowledge with commutator

Update:29 Sep 2020

A motor with a commutator, because the commutator not only conducts current but also commutates, its monitoring workload is much greater. Frequent and careful observation of the status and characteristics of the commutation sparks is a very important DC motor commutation spark size and state, which affects the reflection of the combined effects of various factors in the commutation, and is the main indicator of the performance of the motor.

Therefore, carefully observe the occurrence and change of sparks, analyze the causes of sparks and take measures to eliminate the basis of sparks. The form of sparks generated when the motor is running is usually divided into point sparks (very weak and discontinuous), granular sparks (larger than point sparks, and brighter than point sparks), fireball sparks (on the side of the commutator sliding out) Staying or floating red or white bright spherical sparks) tongue-like sparks (when the commutator slides out, the sparks are prolonged, there is a short flame, generally red) explosive sparks (the sparks are bright, there is a loud discharge sound) Splashing sparks (flame tongue drags out longer, there is a phenomenon of sparks flying over) ring fire sparks (the sparks prolong when the commutator slides out and attach to the surface of the commutator to form a ring fire, which forms an arc between the positive and negative brush holders in severe cases Short circuit) should be maintained in time. Accidents are often caused by poor maintenance, and the commutator is in operation. It even stopped production. On the contrary, strengthening the maintenance of the collector part can detect and solve problems early, and can avoid many accidents.

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