How to maintain a motor commutator

Update:25 Jan 2022

How to maintain the motor commutator will also determine the service life.

1. It should be noted that the commutator should be cylindrical, and there should be no signs of mechanical damage and burnt.

2. If the surface of the commutator is rough and burnt, use "0" emery cloth to carefully grind the surface of the rotating commutator. If the surface of the commutator is too rough, uneven, not round or partially concave, the commutator should be turned, and the commutator should not move axially during turning.

3. When turning the commutator or cutting the mica chip, it is necessary to prevent copper chips and dust from invading the armature. Because the ends of the armature coils and the tabs are to be covered. Clean with compressed air after processing.

4. After a long-term non-sparking operation under load, a brown and shiny hard film will be formed on the surface, which is a normal phenomenon. It can protect the wear of the commutator, it must be protected and cannot be rubbed with emery cloth.

5. When the surface of the commutator is worn a lot or the mica sheet is found to protrude after turning, use a milling cutter to mill the mica sheet into a groove of 1-1.5 mm.

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