Applications where DC motors replace AC motors

Update:17 Jan 2022

With the development of the times, there will be more applications of DC motors. Many occasions where AC motors were used are replaced by DC motors. Especially after the emergence of brushless motors, the production quantity of DC motors is constantly increasing. There are more than billions of various DC motors, and there are countless manufacturers of DC motors.
In industry and agriculture, DC motors are also widely used in electrical and automation control and instrumentation. In the medical field, DC motors are even more useful, such as various medical instruments and surgical tools. In terms of life, it is more useful. Now even toothbrushes are made of electric toothbrushes with DC motors. The applications of DC motors are really numerous and can be said to be ubiquitous.
Various fans, wipers, spray pumps, flame extinguishers, and even DC motors in the automotive industry are used. In hotels, automatic doors, automatic door locks, automatic curtains, automatic water supply systems, and towel machines all use DC motors. In weapons and equipment, DC motors are widely used in aircraft, tanks, rockets, radars, combat vehicles and other occasions.
At present, there are no special motors for electric vehicles, and only general-purpose motors can be used, such as DC series motors, DC parallel motors, permanent magnet DC motors, asynchronous motors, etc. The load characteristics of general motors are constant load characteristics, while the characteristics of electric vehicles are variable load characteristics. The mismatch between the characteristics of the two affects the output of the motor, which in turn affects the performance of the electric vehicle. In addition, the maximum efficiency point of general motors is designed near the rated point. When the load deviates from the rated point, the motor efficiency drops sharply, which affects the driving range of the vehicle. The switched reluctance motor has a large torque at low speed, but the efficiency is low, and the permanent magnet synchronous motor has a high efficiency, but the torque cannot be improved at low speed. Only the miniature DC motor has all the advantages of the above motors. It has the low-speed torque boost function of the series-excited DC motor, the speed regulation performance of the parallel-excited DC motor, the high-efficiency characteristics of the permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the reliability close to that of the asynchronous motor. Suitable for the needs of electric vehicles.
Electric vehicles are mainly used in urban traffic. Most of the time, the vehicle is in the working state of starting, accelerating, and braking. Therefore, the starting performance, acceleration performance, efficiency at low speed, energy regeneration capacity of the motor, and overload capacity of the motor are required. The energy density of the motor and the reliability of the motor are particularly important for electric vehicles, and are important indicators to measure the motor of electric vehicles.
People's increasing concerns about the environment and energy have promoted the development of electric vehicles and accelerated the competition of world powers in the field of electric vehicles. Under the current constraints of battery technology, how to improve power efficiency and improve the driving process of electric vehicles is the focus of the electric vehicle industry. Micro DC motors have large starting torque, good speed regulation performance, high efficiency, high energy density, strong overload capacity, stable performance, safety and reliability, and are ideal drive motors for electric vehicles. The industrial production of micro DC motors has a positive role in improving the performance of electric vehicles, promoting the development of the electric vehicle industry, and making my country's electric vehicle industry catch up with the world.

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