What losses are easily caused by traction motor load failure

Update:01 Nov 2021

Traction motors are affected by various loads during actual operation, including various alternating loads, impact loads caused by subgrade track joints and turnouts, and even various dynamic loads generated randomly. This complex load situation causes the traction motor to be forced to vibrate. This direct loss is to cause the entire internal structure of the motor to exceed the standard, cause the dynamic deformation of the entire motor, and ultimately affect the normal operation of the motor.
In terms of impact load, the stress state of the motor is extremely complicated in the contact area between the impact object and the impacted member of the motor, especially in the traction motor, the entire duration of the impact is very short, and the entire contact force of the motor increases with the use time The increase in the loss of the motor will be more difficult to accurately analyze. In the face of this loss, before ensuring greater loss, a simple and simplified calculation can be performed on the impacted surface of the motor according to the law of conservation of energy.

Of course, in addition to load failures that can easily cause losses to the motor, the mechanical system as an intermediary substance will also respond to the impact load. Although the impact time is relatively short, the transient response it produces will produce large stress and large The displacement may cause the machine to fail instantaneously or even be damaged. The dynamic analysis method can be used to calculate the dynamic response characteristics of the structure and the transient stress distribution when the structure is subjected to loads that vary with time or frequency.


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