What do you need to know about using a commutator

Update:19 Aug 2020

The commutator mainly has hook type, groove type, flat type and other specifications. It is made of imported raw materials, and the performance of the product has improved to the level of its predecessors. It is widely used in electric tools, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycle motors and other fields; collector rings, carbon brush holders, and wiring boards have various specifications and models.

Used in automobile generators, gasoline generators and other fields. The commutator has a rectifying function, and its function is to make the direction of the current in the armature winding alternate to ensure that the direction of the electromagnetic torque remains unchanged.

In the generator, the commutator can make the alternating electric potential in the element into the direct electric potential between the brushes; in the electric idea, it can make the external direct current into the alternating current in the element, and produce a constant direction torque.

Operating procedures
1. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves.

2. Before work, it is necessary to check whether the equipment and dust suction device are in good condition.

3. The commutator needs to be rolled firmly when getting on the car, and the hand should not be close to the drawing groove.

4. The commutator should be stacked neatly and stably, and should not be too high.

5. Clean the vacuum device frequently to ensure effective vacuum. That’s what 2 said, the rotor rotates, the carbon brush does not move, and each time a pair of contact pieces touches is different, and then keeps it to continue to rotate, and at the same time, one set of windings is positively energized, and the other set can Reverse energization obtains higher efficiency and power output.

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