Wear repair and inspection of motor commutator

Update:25 Mar 2022

The commutation equipment is one of the core components in the DC motor, and its performance plays a decisive role in the operation of the motor. Once the commutation equipment is abnormal, it may lead to poor motor commutation, and in serious cases, other accidents may occur, resulting in the DC motor. The damage will affect the operation of the drawworks, turntables, and mud pumps, and delay drilling production. Once abnormal wear of these components occurs, it will have serious consequences for the operation of the motor and even the entire drilling production system.
At this time, it is necessary to first confirm the degree of wear of the motor commutator. If it is slightly worn, the rotor car commutator can be pulled out, then the mica layer is engraved, the surface of the commutator is polished, the rotor is dynamically balanced, and it can be used after installation. , if the wear is seriously beyond the repair range, it is time to replace the reversing equipment, and after the equipment is replaced, it must be checked.
(1) Tap the commutator plate with a small hammer, and judge whether it is fastened according to the sound. If there is a crisp metal sound, it means that the reversing device has been tightened; if the sound is broken, it means that the reversing device has not been tightened, and the repair should be repeated until the reversing device is tightened.
(2) Use a 220 V calibration lamp to check whether there is a short circuit one by one.
(3) Do the ground withstand voltage test, the test voltage is generally 2 times the rated voltage plus 1000V, and the time is 1min.
(4) Check the parallelism of the commutator segment axis. The deflection of the commutator segment along the axis should generally not exceed the thickness of the mica sheet between the sheets, otherwise it will affect the commutation of the motor.

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