The role of DC motor commutator in the motor

Update:27 May 2020
The motor commutator is a component on the DC permanent magnet series motor, in order to allow the motor to continue to rotate. Structurally, the commutator is composed of several contact pieces in a circular shape, which are connected to each contact on the rotor, and the two electrodes connected outside are called brushes, and only two of them are contacted at the same time. The principle of the transformer is that when the coil passes the current, it will be rotated by attraction and repulsion under the action of the permanent magnet.
When it turns and balances with the magnet, the originally energized line corresponds to the contact piece on the commutator. It is separated from the brush, and the brush is connected to the contact piece corresponding to the group of coils that generate the driving force, so that the DC motor is turned up by repeating it continuously. Oil seal: It adopts imported double-lip oil seal, which has extremely high dust-proof and oil-proof ability.

The role of DC motor commutator in the motor
With the continuous development of technology, many high-tech products have appeared on our market. For example, in the work summary of the motor, all kinds of commutators are needed, such as forklift motor commutator, electric car commutator, etc. These are new high-tech products. We all know that they play an important role in mechanical equipment. In order to let everyone better understand what role they have, let us follow the DC motor commutator manufacturers to understand the following role in the motor. .

The role of DC motor commutator in the motor
On the one hand, the commutator plays the role of commutation in the DC motor. In the DC motor, the input DC current is sent to the armature winding through the brush and the commutator to transform into an alternating current; in the DC generator, the alternating current of the armature winding is changed from the output of the commutator and the brush to Why is the stator core of a DC motor made of a single piece of steel material?
On the other hand, the magnetic field of the DC motor is synthesized by the excitation magnetic field and the armature magnetic field. Generally speaking, the armature reaction can be weakened by other methods, such as installing a commutating pole, so the position of the DC motor magnetic field in space is fixed The size of the magnetic field is basically constant, that is, a constant magnetic field. The stator core is stationary and has no relative movement with the magnetic field. Therefore, the magnetic flux passing through the stator core is constant, and there is no hysteresis and eddy current loss in the stator core, which can be made of a single piece of steel material.

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