DC motor commutator oil change method and use rules

Update:20 May 2020
Motor equipment is an important equipment component in many mechanical equipment. With the continuous development of the machinery industry, China's motor industry has also made rapid progress. The motor equipment is also composed of many parts, among which there is a motor part called commutator, which plays a very important role in the motor equipment. The commutators used in different types of motor equipment are also very different, but no matter which kind of commutator, it is necessary to change the oil regularly during use. Next, the editor will introduce some oil changing methods for DC motor commutators.
1. The initial oil change time of the DC motor commutator is about 300 to 400 hours after the machine has been running. After the initial oil change, the oil can be changed again after about 1500 to 2000 working hours. Too.
2. If the working environment of the DC motor commutator is relatively harsh, the oil can be changed every one month to ensure that the machine with the DC motor commutator can operate normally.
3. The oil changing process of the DC motor commutator is changed in a dynamic state, because once it is cooled, it will produce a large viscosity, and it will become very difficult when the oil is discharged again.
Principles of using electric vehicle commutator
When we walk on the street, we can see the figure of the car at any moment, and the car is now an important means of transportation in our lives, and its development is naturally unlimited. Although the emergence of cars has brought great convenience to our lives, the pollution of the car exhaust to the environment cannot be ignored. The emergence of electric vehicles has solved the problem of exhaust emission pollution in a certain sense. Commutators are one of the most important components in electric vehicles. The next editor will introduce you to the principles of the use of some electric vehicle commutators .
Principles of using electric vehicle commutator
1. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to use the commutator of electric vehicles.
2. Before working, you must check whether the commutator and dust suction device of the electric car are in good condition.
3. When getting on the vehicle, it must be rolled firmly and your hands should not be close to the slot.
4. The commutators of electric vehicles should be stacked neatly and stably, and should not be too high.
5. Regularly clean the dust suction device to ensure that the dust suction is effective. That is, the rotor rotates, does not move, and then the pair of contact pieces that are in contact each time are different, and then maintain it to continue to rotate.When rotating at the same time, one group of windings is forwardly energized, and the other group can be energized in the reverse direction to obtain higher efficiency and Power output.
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