The maintenance cycle of the slip ring and commutator in the motor

Update:02 Dec 2021

Slip ring is also called conductive ring, slip ring, current collecting ring, confluence ring, etc.; it can be used in any electromechanical system that requires continuous rotation while transmitting power and signals from a fixed position to a rotating position. Slip rings can Improve the performance of the system, simplify the structure of the system, and prevent the wire from being sprained during the rotation. The maintenance of the collector ring and commutator in the motor involves the following aspects:
Turning and cleaning of the commutator: When the ovality of the commutator or the slip ring in the motor exceeds 0.02 mm, it should be turned and ground to avoid excessive brush eccentricity due to the commutator or slip ring And tremor.

Mica between the commutator pieces is not allowed to protrude, and the mica groove should be kept at a depth of 1 to 2 mm. Due to frequent starting of some motors, the copper conductive ring has a short service life and is frequently replaced. If it is changed to a steel ring, the service life will be increased.
In order to prevent the slip ring from exploding, it is required to clean the entire slip ring after each shutdown of the high-voltage motor, and check the condition of the carbon brush (whether it is stuck in the brush box, whether it is skewed, and whether the entire surface is tightly attached to the slip ring. , Whether the pressure is too high or too low), the carbon brush needs to be replaced when there is only 25-30mm left after the wear; when the surface of the collector ring is worn, the groove needs to be replaced.

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