Causes and countermeasures of noise generated by general vibration motors

Update:22 Nov 2021

As the vibration source of mechanical equipment, vibrating motor is widely used in vibrating equipment such as vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, silo wall vibrator, vibrating hoist, etc. The vibrating motor generates very little noise during operation. This noise is Normal mechanical noise.
If the vibration motor produces a lot of noise at work, the greater the noise, the greater the damage to the vibration motor and vibration equipment, so we should be vigilant and take measures when we find noise.


Reasons and countermeasures for noise generated by general vibration motors:
1. Check whether the anchor bolts of the vibration motor are fastened. If they are not fastened, the anchor bolts should be fastened in time to prevent the noise caused by the loosening of the vibration motor bolts during operation.
2. Check whether the bearing of the vibration motor is abnormal. If the bearing is short of oil, it should be filled with oil in time. If the bearing is broken, the bearing should be replaced in time to avoid the noise of the vibration motor bearing due to lack of oil or damage.
3. Check whether there is a collision around the vibration motor shield that causes noise from the friction shield.

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