Polishing method of DC motor commutator

Update:17 Nov 2020

After long-term operation of the DC motor, due to poor commutation, unreasonable brush arrangement and improper brush material, streaks, regular burns, pitting on the surface and uneven wear will often appear on the surface of the DC motor commutator For axial waviness, it is generally necessary to use a special grinding stone to polish the commutator of the DC motor. When in use, the grindstone needs to be glued to the bottom of the grinding tool with the handle. The speed of the DC motor commutator should be about 10m/s during grinding. Use both hands to stably press the sand and stone on the DC motor. On the direction device, the hand-held pressure should not be too large, and it should be polished until the surface burn marks and grooves are invisible. After the grindstone is polished, use a fine-grain emery cloth around the wood block, and use the same method to polish it again. For the high-demand DC motor commutator, canvas is also used instead of fine emery cloth and polished again. Note: Do not use emery cloth to polish the DC motor commutator, because the diamond particles embedded in the surface of the DC motor commutator can scratch the surface of the DC motor commutator and brushes, causing the surface to form fine channels and affect the formation of oxide film . When the surface of the DC motor commutator is seriously burned, the channel is deep and the wave degree exceeds 0.5mm, polishing the DC motor commutator will not be able to improve the surface condition of the DC motor commutator, and the surface of the DC motor commutator should be turned .

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