Main performance index and material selection of gear commutator

Update:01 Mar 2022

Appropriate use of lubricating oil for gear reversing equipment can give full play to the efficiency of the steering gear and improve its operating life. If you want to buy a good front gear reversing equipment, in simple terms, you can choose the performance indicators and materials of the commutator. Consider these two aspects.
(1) Main performance indicators of commutation equipment.
① Withstand voltage test. The insulation between the commutation equipment pieces can withstand the withstand voltage test of 220V/50Hz for 1s, and the withstand voltage test between the commutator and the shaft can withstand the withstand voltage test of 1000V/50Hz for 1s without breakdown.
②Insulation test. The insulation resistance value of the commutation equipment is not less than 10MΩ.
③ Thermal overspeed rotation test. After the commutation equipment is subjected to 15000r/min and 3000r/min for 3 minutes at (150±2) ℃, based on the center line of the shaft hole, the outer circle runout is not more than 0.09mm, and the inter-piece runout is not more than 0.015mm.
④High temperature resistance test. Keep at (200±5)℃ for 30min, no bubbles, no deformation, no cracks.
⑤Light fastness axis test. Press the shaft hole of the reversing equipment into the optical axis, the interference is 0.17min, and the reversing equipment should be free of cracks.
(2) Material selection. Glass fiber reinforced phenolic injection material and hybrid fiber reinforced phenolic injection material, the hybrid fiber is mixed with aramid fiber and glass fiber, the former is 5% of the total fiber content. The hybrid fiber reinforced phenolic injection with a pellet length of 8~10mm has a 50% increase in impact strength and a 39.13% increase in bending strength compared with glass fiber reinforced injection material. It can be seen that the addition of aramid improves the impact strength, which is very good for the light fast axis test. favorable.

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