How to effectively protect the oil pump motor

Update:21 Feb 2022

The main reason for the low oil pressure of the oil pump motor is because the important parts of the oil pump motor, the oil pump motor bearings and the internal combustion engine are subject to wear over time, and the wear can cause these parts to eventually lose their original size, which increases the clearance to allow for larger volumes of Oil flow over time, which can greatly reduce the pressure on the oil. For example, a worn engine main bearing can cause a 20% loss of oil pressure. Simply replacing worn bearings can solve this problem.
The oil pressure is sent by the oil pressure monitoring unit, which is usually installed at the rear of the engine. This can be a spring pressure sensor. Depending on the type of sending unit, oil pressure problems The display of the connection between the sending unit and it can cause abnormal oil pressure, which is perfectly acceptable when reading. Low oil pressure Low oil pressure may cause damage to the oil pump motor. Low oil pressure can be caused by many things, such as a failed oil pump motor, excessive wear on the high mileage oil pump motor, or just low oil volume, etc. Signs of low oil pressure could be warning lights, low pressure reading gauge, engine or pounding/cracking sound. Low oil pressure is an issue that must be addressed so serious damage can be prevented immediately.
Particles and oil pressure can also cause serious problems. After the oil flows through the oil pump motor, it returns to the oil sump, which can carry a lot of debris. Fragmentation can cause some problems. Such as the oil small screen and the oil pump motor itself. The small screen of the oil hole measures about 0.04 square inches (0.26 square centimeters). The holes are only sized to pick up large pieces, allowing many small pieces to flow through the screen. The holes in the screen are too big (relative to debris) because oil at low temperatures and slow engine speeds is very viscous and requires large openings to flow freely. Even with these big holes in the screen, it can still become clogged, resulting in low oil pressure.
Even through small oil screens and oil filters, debris can flow out of the oil. This is a very important change to minimise the amount of engine debris flowing through the oil pump motor by the oil and oil filter. This can effectively protect the oil pump motor.

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