Introduction to the composition of commutator and brush in the motor

Update:21 Oct 2020
The commutator is a component of the DC permanent magnet string IP idea in order to keep the electric idea rolling. Structurally, the commutator is a circle with several contact pieces connected to each contact on the rotor. The two electrodes connected outside are called brushes to contact it, and only two of them are contacted at the same time. The principle of the commutator is that when the coil passes the current, it will roll through the attraction and repulsion force under the action of the magnet. When it turns to balance with the magnet, the originally energized wire will be stronger than the contact on the corresponding commutator. The sheet is separated from the brush, and the brush is connected to the contact sheet corresponding to the set of coils that generate the driving force. This is repeated continuously, and the direct current idea is turned.

The commutator of the DC motor refers to the rotating armature winding element, the process of changing the direction of the current in the element when it enters another branch through the brush from one branch. In the process of changing the direction of the current, a spark is generally generated between the brush and the commutator, which is the main cause of the commutator's problems and failures. Therefore, the scale divides the motor into several levels (1, 5/4, 3/2, 2, 3) according to the spark size when commutation. For continuous working DC motors, the commutator spark should not exceed 3/2. DC motors for electric bicycles are motors that work continuously and should meet the requirements of no more than 3/2 sparks. Standard delineation: When the spark is level 3/2, most or all of the brush edges have weak sparks, so there are black marks on the commutator, but it will not continue to develop. It can be removed by rubbing the surface with gasoline. There are slight burn marks on the brush, which will not affect the continuous normal operation of the motor.

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