Application range and application advantages of rare earth permanent magnet motors

Update:21 Dec 2021

Since rare earth resources are very abundant in China, the development and application of rare earth permanent magnet motors are extremely extensive, in aerospace, agricultural industry, equipment manufacturing, and even in daily life. The range of products includes permanent magnet synchronous motors, Permanent magnet generators, DC motors, brushless DC motors, AC permanent magnet servo motors, permanent magnet linear motors, special permanent magnet motors and related control systems. The use of rare earth permanent magnet motors has almost covered the development of the entire automobile industry.
The magnetic performance of the rare earth permanent magnet motor is very good. As long as it is magnetized, it does not require external energy to create a strong magnetic field. Therefore, it is often used to replace the traditional motor. The rare earth permanent magnet motor is not only high in efficiency, simple in structure, and reliable in operation, but also Realize small size and light weight. Rare earth permanent magnet motors can achieve special effects that traditional electromagnetic motors can’t match. They have fast response speed and high performance, and can meet the specific requirements of special motors, such as elevator traction motors. The combination of rare earth permanent magnet motors, power electronic technology, and microcomputer control technology improves the performance of the motor and drive system to a new level. Improving the matching of performance and technical level is an important development direction of the automobile industry and the adjustment of the industrial structure.

The widespread application of rare earth permanent magnet motors has penetrated into all aspects of the national economy, and its production and consumption have become an important indicator of a country’s overall national strength and the level of development of the national economy.

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