Use and maintenance of electronic commutator

Update:13 Sep 2021

Most of the reversing equipment is used in harsh applications and harsh industrial environments, from the railway industry to steel mills and even naval submarines. The reversing equipment constructed of electronic materials is characterized by its excellent quality, performance, life span, and mechanical and electrical integrity. Be trusted.

Many original equipment manufacturers in the world specify the commutator motor made of electronic materials. The diameter of the commutator made of electronic materials can be less than 5 inches and as large as 12 inches. Electronic materials can produce commutators that meet the specifications of existing models, or can produce brand new commutators. V-ring, glass ribbon and necking ring designs are standard commutator types. According to your requirements design and production of wiring harness components, commutator rod components and mica V-rings, and even more production types related to custom commutators.

And the commutator of this material can use the same quality assurance procedures as the new commutator to disassemble and reassemble the new copper and mica fragments. The extensive commutator specifications and history database can ensure that the equipment is rebuilt to meet the requirements^ The operating requirements of the final application.
When the commutator is repaired, the engineer conducts failure analysis, and then disassembles the equipment for inspection of each component. If steel parts are within tolerance, they will be cleaned and reused. All new deadlifted silver bearing copper bars, mica fragments and hardware will be used to complete the unit. According to the application and customer requirements, the component will be processed into applicable engineering instructions to produce high-quality finished products and provide years of trouble-free service.

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