Preventive maintenance of motor commutator

Update:05 Jul 2021

The steering and undercutting of the motor commutator is performed for various reasons, but it is more noteworthy for preventive maintenance. For example: these services promote uniform wear of the carbon brushes of the motor or generator, which will extend the use of the brushes life.
The undercut is basically a slit in the insulator between the commutator segments; this insulating material can be composed of mica, mica, resin, paper, molding, etc. The separation of these parts is important because the insulating material can rub against the carbon brushes, causing them to wear out very quickly. During the service life of a DC motor, its commutator should be switched to eliminate problems such as arcing, vibration and excessive wear.
The steering is used to make the brush track surface of the commutator more concentric with respect to the axis of the armature. The brush track surface requires a pre-arranged surface and concentricity-these properties are obtained using our advanced turning equipment.

Usually, the sealed oil pump motor is directly coupled to the AC sealed oil pump motor which is directly coupled to the auxiliary sealed oil pump, essentially, they are all on one shaft (the pump and the two motors).

It is a very bad idea to rotate the rotor/armature (using an AC motor) with the voltage applied to the motor's magnetic field, and then energize the DC rotor/armature. The DC magnetic field of all DC motors on heavy-duty gas turbines is continuously energized regardless of whether it is running or not; it helps prevent moisture from condensing in the motor and helps to start; if the DC rotor/armature is energized when it is rotated by the AC motor, Usually a lot of sparks are generated, the brush will be damaged, the rigging of the brush is usually damaged, and the commutator may also be damaged.

Many people mistakenly believe that the purpose of the DC seal oil pump motor is to maintain the seal oil pressure in the event of an AC power interruption until the AC power can be restored-this is not the purpose of the DC pump motor at all. The purpose of the DC sealed oil pump motor is to maintain the sealing oil pressure in a short period of time in the case of AC vibration loss.

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