Manufacturing method of manual household quick mixer

Update:14 Feb 2020

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more families have begun to use a variety of mixers instead of traditional manual stirring methods to stir food. Blenders are beginning to enter more and more homes. They are cheaper, easier to clean, and can process a wider variety of foods.
Blenders have a wide range of uses, such as for whipped cream, butter, eggs, kneading, and so on. A blender is a machine with blades that rotates in a cylinder or tank to stir and mix a variety of raw materials to make it a mixture or a suitable consistency. It can be divided into propeller type mixer, turbine type mixer, anchor type mixer, ribbon type mixer, folding leaf type mixer and so on according to the different types of mixing. General household mixers can be divided into electric mixers and manual mixers. Electric mixers are relatively expensive and easy to use, but the quality requirements of electric mixers are higher than manual mixers, and they will malfunction after long-term use. Manual mixers The service life is longer than that of electric mixers, and the structure is simpler than that of electric mixers.
Manual mixers usually stir food by turning the handle to drive the mixing shaft. Some existing manual mixers have complicated structures, uneven mixing and mixing, and some mixing efficiency is not high. Therefore, in order to meet the actual needs, some manual mixers in homes still need to be optimized in functional design.

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