Maintenance items for using commutator

Update:05 Aug 2020

Speaking of commutators, I believe everyone is no longer unfamiliar. Now there are more and more commutators used around us. Because in our industrial production, the motors used are gradually increasing, so this also encourages us to use The number of commutators is gradually increasing. When we use the commutator, we need to do its maintenance work. Only by doing these maintenance work can we prolong its service life. During the operation of our motor, it can exert more stable performance. Below we will Get up and maintain the commutator.

The commutator should have a right cylindrical surface, and there should be no signs of mechanical damage and scorching. After the commutator runs under load for a long time without sparks, a brown shiny hard film is formed on the surface. This is a normal phenomenon. It can protect the commutator from wear. This film must be protected and cannot be rubbed with emery cloth. If the surface of the commutator is rough, burnt, etc., the surface of the rotating commutator can be finely ground with zero emery cloth. If the surface of the commutator is too rough, uneven, not round, or partially recessed, the commutator should be turned. The turning speed is not more than 1.5m/s, and the turning depth and the amount of cutting per revolution are not more than 0.1mm. There should be no axial movement of the commutator during turning. When the surface of the commutator is worn a lot, or after turning, it is found that the mica sheet is convex, and the mica sheet should be milled into a groove of 1~1.5mm with a milling cutter. When turning the commutator or undercutting the mica sheet, it is necessary to prevent copper chips and dust from entering the inside of the armature. Because it is necessary to cover the end of the armature coil and the joint piece, clean it with compressed air after processing.

The motor may be stuck in less than half a turn when it is working. Just imagine how useful it is to the motor. In addition to transmitting longitudinal current when the motor converter is working, it can also perform current conversion in the short-circuit coil of a friend. The converter is an important part of the DC motor. Its function is to convert the DC current passing through the brush into the alternating current in the winding or the alternating electromotive force in the winding into the DC electromotive force on the brush end. The undercutting machine is suitable for undercutting the slot of armature commutator such as automobile motors, motorcycle starter motors, power tool motors and micro motors. Put an armature into the positioning base, start the switch to automatically tighten, the machine will automatically align the slot, lower engraving and indexing, until the engraving is completed and automatically loosen the tightening device. Then, the operator removes the armature and places it Insert another armature in the positioning seat, and start the cycle again. Features The commutator is a component on the DC permanent magnet string IP idea in order to keep the electric idea rolling.

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