Importance of regular maintenance of carbon brushes in motor commutators

Update:30 Jun 2022

(1) When the carbon brush load of the motor is suddenly disconnected, the speed of the motor will rise so high that it will cause a speeding accident. If there is no special person to manage it, anti-speeding measures should be taken.
For example, a large cooling fan with many blades is installed on the motor. Since the power consumption of the fan is approximately proportional to the cube of the rotation speed, the power consumption of the fan increases significantly when the rotation speed increases, which limits the maximum rotation speed and ensures safe operation. . A protection device can also be used, when the speed suddenly rises, the water, electricity and cathode are put in to prevent the generation of overvoltage from the flying car.
(2) The carbon brush of the motor is in the generator parallel to the power grid. When the power grid is powered off or overhauled, it should be noted that the generator may be sent back to the power grid, and the parallel switch should be opened at this time.
(3) If an asynchronous motor is used as a generator for the motor carbon brush, in addition to using the main capacitor to provide reactive excitation, the auxiliary compensation capacitor should be increased or decreased accordingly with the change of the load to avoid overvoltage or voltage collapse.
Therefore, it is particularly important to do the maintenance work of the motor regularly, such as checking whether the filter screen is damaged or blocked, whether the overflow pipe is blocked, whether the turbine and generator are running normally, etc., which are particularly important in the motor.

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