How to adjust the speed of the gear commutator

Update:01 Jun 2021

Gear commutator is a commonly used mechanism in gear machinery, which enables the motor to drive the input shaft to continuously rotate in one direction, while the output shaft can continuously reverse and reverse automatically. It is suitable for various engineering practices that require automatic commutation. .

The structure of the gear commutator is the same as that of the AC synchronous motor, and there is no commutator. But the working principle and characteristics are similar to that of a DC motor. The brushes and commutator of a DC motor are equivalent to its position detector and thyristor inverter, so it is called a gear commutator. Its control characteristics are essentially the same as DC motors.

The gear commutator combines the control performance of a DC motor and the advantages of easy maintenance of a synchronous motor. It is used in speed regulating devices such as fans and pumps. It has good explosion-proof performance due to reversing sparks, and is suitable for use in explosive environments such as chemical industry, cement, textile, coal mine and so on.

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