Commutator industry standardization and automation

Update:13 Jun 2022

Industry standardization:
At present, the domestic commutation equipment industry lacks a unified industry standard, which hinders the further expansion of the scale of my country's commutation equipment industry; the motor industry's demand for commutation equipment products presents a trend of specialization and standardization, and the commutation equipment industry It should also usher in new opportunities and turning points in the development of the motor industry. With the continuous accumulation of industry resources and the continuous improvement of industrial concentration, technical standards related to the commutation equipment industry in my country will also emerge as the times require. Internationally, commutator manufacturers represented by Europe and Japan have begun large-scale standardized production, and relevant manufacturers have fully benefited from it. According to the law of industrial development, the improvement of industry standardization will become the long-term trend of the development of my country's commutation equipment industry.
Industry automation:
According to the development direction of high-efficiency and energy-saving motors, the requirements of motors on the accuracy and reliability of commutation equipment continue to increase. In order to ensure the high standard and quality stability of the commutation equipment products, it has become the development trend of the commutation equipment industry to use a large number of precision molds, numerical control equipment, and automated production and testing equipment in the production process. Represented by the company's full-molding process and one-shot molding technology, it will be widely used in the production of commutation equipment after integrating CNC technology, precision machining technology and other automation processes, so that the degree of production automation is continuously improved.

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